Finding Art Box

If you haven't already, you will need a Second Life (SL) account. Visit the SL website here: Second Life.

The Second Life universe is a big place, but there are several ways to find us in-world:


In Second Life

Welcome to Art Box

Art Box is a fully immersive Second Life® art installation. It takes the form of a virtual gallery that provides a series of detailed three dimensional sets, each recreating scenes in homage to famous works of art, in a virtual world setting. This enables you to place your avatar into the scene, stage center, and compose your own version of the referenced artwork.

You become both the artist, and the art.

Immersive Art

With this facility it's easy to reinterpret famous art in your own style, and create your own SL photographic art. Using the pictures you can take at Art Box you have perfect material for your profile, for your Flickr account, for Koinup, for your blog, for framing in-world - in fact for any application you can think of. It's fully immersive, highly creative, fun, and totally free.

American GothicChristine KeelerFlight Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a PomegraniteChristina's WorldNighthawksThe Scream

Visit our Portfolio section & explore what people are creating at Art Box now.